07 Oct

Chicago Comic Delivers One-Liners In The Middle East

CHICAGO — In her comedy routine, Mona Aburmishan likes to use the following joke:
“If you see an Arab woman walking behind man, it’s not because we’re docile, it’s because she told him to get the car.”
The quick-witted Avondale comedienne, whose mother is American and father is Palestinian, employs the line often — in the city, on the road and even during a recent tour of the Middle East in which Aburmishan anchored nine shows in six days in Ramallah, Jerusalem and Bethlehem.
“It was a very healing experience for me,” said Aburmishan, who has a bachelor’s from Loyola University Chicago and a master’s from DePaul. “On the States side, I never feel fully understood, whether it’s as a comic or a human. I’m seen as half-American. Going there as a professional female comic and performing in front of my people, that was my dream because it was so cathartic.” read more

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