15 Jun

Chicago’s Comic: Marz Timms

Marz Timms
Chicago’s Comic
Week of June 15th, 2018

Meet Chicago’s own comedian to watch—Marz Timms.

Q: What inspired you to start stand-up comedy?

A: Friends and family said I should.

Q: Describe your first performance?

A: First stand-up performance I found a lot different than doing Improv comedy. It’s tougher not having that support on stage.

Q: Do you have “pre-show” rituals? If so, what are they?

A: I eat a Granny Smith apple.

Q: Where in the world is your favorite place to perform stand-up? Why is this your favorite place?

A: I’ve performed at the Friars Club in NYC, and it was incredible. There was so much history in the building and I had a great set.

Q: What shows, podcasts, blogs do you produce or co-produce?

A: I produce a show called Pimprov that’s been touring North America for 15 years. It’s been every Friday night at 10:30pm for the past 10 years in Chicago

Q: What are three of your favorite things?

A: Traveling, Japan, Family.

Q: What is your favorite sammich?

A: Bacon and Egg.

Q: What’s one thing people assume about you, that is or isn’t true?

A: They assume I’m nice… they’re wrong.

Q: If you weren’t a comic, what other job would you love to do?

A: Teach kindergarten.

Q: What are some comedy goals/dreams you have on your To Do List?

A: Produce and act in a TV show.

Q: What quality, trait and/or body part do you really like about your-self?

A: My smile.

Q: What’s one thing you wish more people knew about you? [or anything else you’d like mentioned, i.e. your education, personal life or mission statement]

A: I keep my private life private.

Q: How will you know you “Made It?”

A: Drake and Soulja Boy’s song “We Made It” will be playing.


  • 7.13-14.2018: Headlining the Comedy Shrine
  • 7.20.2018: “City of Lights Comedy Night” – La Quinta de los Reyes
  • 7.26.2018: Headlining the Comedy Nosh


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