17 Aug

Chicago’s Comic: Rocky LaPorte

Q: What inspired you to start stand-up comedy?

A: It brought me joy as a kid to be able to make people laugh and, besides, I was a goof in school and that road wasn’t working out.

Q: Describe your first performance.

A: I was so nervous but had a really, really good set. It was the best high you could ever imagine and I knew that very night that this was my path.

Q: Do you have “pre-show” rituals? If so, what are they?

A: Sometimes I just sit and laugh with the other comics but if it’s a big, kind of important show I’ll just go backstage and pace and go through my act in my head.

Q: Where in the world is your favorite place to perform stand-up? Why is this your favorite place?

A: Performing for the troops in Iraq was an unbelievable experience and doing military bases anywhere in the country is very fulfilling. I think my greatest joy was getting a standing ovation on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. As for favorite places, there are a few. For beauty, I would say Lake Tahoe, San Diego or anywhere along the coast. I’ve made great friends over the years in many cities, so it’s fun to see them every year when I go back

Q: What are three of your favorite things?

A: Pizza, boobs and pizza.

Q: What is your favorite sammich?

A: Pizza lol.

Q: What’s one thing people assume about you, that is or isn’t true?

A: That I’m not that bright. It isn’t true, even though my report card says otherwise. And off-stage, I’m actually an introvert at times. I like my time alone, it’s very calming to me.

Q: If you weren’t a comic, what other job would you love to do?

A: Pope.

Q: What quality, trait and/or body part do you really like about yourself?

A: I think I’m kind, I like doing benefits and fundraisers for people who really need it. I get much joy out of that.

Q: What are some comedy goals/dreams you have on your To Do List?

A: I would like to do another Comedy Central Special. When they had the top 100 count down mine was number two! Came in second to Dane Cook that year and was very proud of that. Or a Netflix special.

Q: What’s one thing you wish more people knew about you? [or anything else you’d like mentioned, i.e. your education, personal life or mission statement]

A: That I’m a good guy and love my kids and grandbabies to the moon and back.

Q: How will you know you “Made It?”

A: When I can’t eat in a restaurant lol.


  • 8.23.2018: Campbell Theatre with Johnny Steele — Martinez, CA
  • 8.24.2018: Empress Theatre — Vallejo, CA
  • 8.25.2018: Dominican University of California — San Rafael, CA
  • 8.31.2018: Deer Valley Ballroom — Park City, UT
  • 9.7-9.2018: Brea Improv — Brea, CA
  • 9.13-16.2018: House of Comedy — Scottsdale, AZ


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