07 Dec

Chicago’s Comic: Sandro Rodriguez

Q: What inspired you to start stand-up comedy?

A: My friends. Anytime I would hang out I would always make them laugh and it wasn’t until I moved to LA that someone had finally said, “Get on stage, you got something.” So I did.

Q: Describe your first performance.

A: I was in the Belly Room at The Comedy Store and yes, I was nervous as hell. When I got on stage I drew a complete blank, realized where I was and snapped out of it and my first five minute set went to eighteen minutes. That was my first lesson in looking for the light but it was a great experience.

Q: Do you have “pre-show” rituals? If so, what are they?

A: Saying a prayer. Then I repeat my material in my head. Then I hit the stage.

Q: Where in the world is your favorite place to perform stand-up? Why is this your favorite place?

A: Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle—waiting behind that famous wooden door. They call your name out, you enter and get ready to knock out that crowd with laughter. It’s awesome.

Q: What shows, podcasts, blogs do you produce or co-produce?

A: I’m working on my sketch comedy series that I’ll be dropping in early 2019.

Q: What are three of your favorite things?

A: Spending time with family, cheesecake and traveling.

Q: What is your favorite sammich?

A: Peanut butter and jelly.

Q: What’s one thing people assume about you, that is or isn’t true?

A: People always assume that I’m a nice guy that supports local comedy and they’re right.

Q: If you weren’t a comic, what other job would you love to do?

A: Acting. I really love being on film. I’ve spent many hours on set doing background work and always had the best time.

Q: What are some comedy goals/dreams you have on your To Do List?

A: Be a traveling comedian. I would also love to perform stand-up in Spanish in Puerto Rico.

Q: What quality, trait and/or body part do you really like about yourself?

A: My smile. Especially when I see it off of the 94 freeway in Detroit in a commercial I’m in.

Q: What’s one thing you wish more people knew about you? [or anything else you’d like mentioned, i.e. your education, personal life or mission statement]

A: I truly wish success for all of us in the industry and I hope we all make it. #comicssupportcomics

Q: How will you know you “Made It?”

A: When my job title is full-time entertainer on TV and movies. Maybe being cast on SNL, sitting across Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert or Jimmy Kimmel talking about my latest projects and being a good teacher to others wanting to pursue their dreams. And being the best version of Sandro Rodriguez I can be.


  • 12.7-8.2018 – 19:00 & 21:00 @ 1001 Laughs Dearborn Comedy Festival in Dearborn, MI
    (13624 Michigan Ave.)



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