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“Lil Comix” is a course is designed to teach the art of stand up, improvisational comedy as well as comedic writing, performance and production. The course is designed for children ranging from 6th-8th grade. In addition to Mona, the course is ideally led by one of the teachers or afterschool facilitators. If one isn’t available, Mona is completely capable of leading the course alone.

Lil Comix can be offered as an afterschool activity or as an in-class weekly lesson with the focus on improv, stand up and writing as effective outlets for succinct writing and public speaking. Ideally for 1-2 hours, Mona has designed and led the course in various environments but finds that when she works with students on a weekly basis for a semester [6-10 week] she sees real growth excitement. The course concludes with a comedy show production for the entire school, staff, and parents. The students produce the show, including the promotional and marketing materials as well as the layout of the show. Whether they prefer to perform onstage, prefer to host the show or design the brochures; each student finds a part of the showcase that best suites them.

At the end of this course participants should be able to:
• Speak more easily in front of their peers;
• Participate comfortably in improv games;
• Write and perform jokes;
• Assist classmates in performing through positive “Yes, and…” statements;
• Write freely in a journal;
• Prepare and produce materials necessary for a comedy show: such as devising the line up and format of the show as well as the program, posters and designs for fliers and other handouts.
• Students will have a better understanding of what is funny;
• Students will feel more comfortable using their imagination, devoid of social influences such as violence, gang, cursing, sexual and drug references. These topics will not be encouraged and will gradually be removed from the students comedy conversation;
• Students should know how to teach improv games as well as the proper joke format to their friends and peers;
• Students will become more comfortable speaking in front of a large audience.

The measurement of the success of the course is based on the students themselves and the goals they establish at the beginning of the course. Most importantly, an effective class is one where students have enjoyed learning stand up comedy, improv and feel comfortable speaking powerfully with imagination in front of their peers and participated in the finale showcase.

Lil Comix – 1-Hour Course Introduction:
The course is introduced to children, faculty, or parents through the use of improv games as well as an open discussion on the impacts of each exercise. A brief introduction to comedic writing and stand up is provided.

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Our Clients Says

“Thank you for coming in and speaking to me about my Capstone Project. While I tend to over complicate seemingly simple things, I think your advice will help me to overcome that inability and write something that is genuinely comedic, not just funny, or, God forbid, “silly”. You seem to be a very calculating person, a tribute that I view as very important in the world of comedy. I hope you have a good spring.”

Alex Sobczynski

“Thank you for coming to play improv games with us earlier this week. I’ve always loved playing those games, and you did a great job of facilitating, teaching, and motivating us. You definitely have a talent! Thanks again,”


“I thought improv workshop was an interesting thing to do in school. Was funny at times.”


“Thank you so much for coming to our school! It was extremely funny and so much fun to work with you! It was a blast! I hope you’ll be able to come again!”


“Ms. Aburmishan, thank you for coming in to do improv. It was really fun, and I know a little bit more about the art of comedy. I really appreciate it.”


“Hello, Mona, Thank you so much for coming in to work with our students at TCS last week! They enjoyed it a great deal and wanted to express their appreciation as well (see below). Special thanks for spending extra time with Alex discussing her Capstone Project. I very much value the opportunity for students to talk with practitioners of their chosen art, craft, or discipline. It is motivating for them, gives them insights into the world of real work, and helps them set high standards for their own projects.”


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