15 Aug

Mona Aburmishan’s 1001 laughs a breakaway from a traditional taboo

Mona Aburmishan in Ramallah.

Mona Aburmishan in Ramallah. (WAFA Images / Shorouq Zeid)

By: Khaled Tayeh RAMALLAH, August 15, 2018 (WAFA) – With her curly hair and fiery personality, Mona Aburmishan goes up on stage with only one thing on her mind: making the audience have a good laugh, while she, being the professional comedian she is, can have fun being herself on stage while making people happy. Born in Chicago, US, to a Palestinian father from the town of Halhoul, north of the city of Hebron in the south of the occupied West Bank, who immigrated to the US in the 1970s, and a mother whose origins go back to England, the Chicago-based comedian, once a law major, started her career as comedian only after she was challenged to do so by her younger sister.

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