06 Aug

Mona Aburmishan’s Chi-Town Comedy Chat With Rebellious Magazine

Excerpt from Mona’s recent feature in Rebellious Magazine:

Laughter is the same in every language. Just ask Chicago-based comedian Mona Aburmishan, who has traveled the globe spreading joy with her socio-political comedy. Whether performing in South Africa, Palestine or New York City (Aburmishan is the first Arab, Muslim woman to perform stand-up at Carnegie Hall), she unifies audiences without shying away from tough issues.

Aburmishan has a unique talent for zeroing in on the universal humanity of any given topic, which creates an aura of communion whenever she takes the stage. “The reason I always loved stand-up comedy is because it’s the truest, most transparent form of lovable, optimistic social activism,” she said. “You say some heavy stuff, but people are left feeling great.”

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Chi-Town Comedy Chat: Mona Aburmishan Is All About Audience Unity

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