10 Dec

Mona Does Funny is in, or on, The Recovery Room


As her screen name calls it, this week I sit down with @MonaDoesFunny! This was a fun high-energy interview that reminded me why I started podcasting in the first place.
Than Mo’na and I go one on one, and there was no segway or intro she on the second she answered the phone! She complied about people and their bicycles (and let’s be honest…No one likes those people anyway…than she ripped on me for being white (which was fun), than we talked about her parents and what it was like growing up with an uncle the same age as you. Lastly, and the one topic that me all kinds of interested, her teaching of standup comedy to 7th and 8th graders.
Once again I sit down with @MonaDoesFunny! For the rest of my fun high-energy interview.
Mona and I talk about how Lewis Black and Dave Chappelle natives, she “flips the script” on me and somehow I am the one being questioned!

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