12 Oct

Timeout Chicago Article


The Feminine Comique, a five-week course taught by Cameron Esposito through the Lincoln Lodge, has shaped women comics all over town. In anticipation of a new session starting May 24, alumni share their success stories.
MoNa, communications specialist
Motivation I am half white and half Arab. Straddling these two distinct worlds as well as spending the majority of my life well over 250 pounds allowed me the great opportunity to make people laugh.
The scene While the room is laid-back, you can quickly feel the pressure each female puts upon themselves to be instantly successful.This is a different dynamic than working with men.
The breakthrough When we made our teacher, a professional comic, laugh from her stomach not her chest, we knew we hit it.
Takeaway For the first time I wasn’t too fat or too ugly or too Arab or too white or too whatever to be funny and live my dream.

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